Weight Loss


Keith has been a member for just over a year.  He came to the Y because he was getting increasingly worried about being unhealthy and overweight.  As a volunteer for the Special Olympics Swim Team, he was bothered by the fact that he was not modeling good healthy and fitness for the team.

Keith starting coming to the Y and exercising regularly for a few months when he started to notice real change in his weight.  Well, that led to a decision to start eating better – which included cooking more of his own meals.  Keith admits changing his exercise habits were the hardest, but that led him down a much healthier path.  Now, he’s 90lbs lighter and a whole lot healthier.  He’s also made new friends at the Y- including staff- which motivates him to keep coming back. Once he set his routine, fitness became a part of his life.  Good job Keith!  We are so glad you are part of our Y.